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Service Virtualization: Top Reads of 2015 By @WayneAriola | @CloudExpo #Cloud #Virtualization

Industry experts share best practices about SV and topics such as DevOps, Agile, cloud, performance testing

From the SD Times March Madness Tournament, to the list of new research from voke, Forrester, and Gartner, to the most crowded sessions at key software testing conferences, service virtualization was a hot topic throughout 2015.


Out of the 129 white papers, articles, videos, and case studies on Parasoft's service virtualization resource center, these 10 were the most popular in 2015:

  • Service Virtualization Best Practices: Insights from Industry Leaders: Industry experts share best practices about SV and topics such as DevOps, Agile, cloud, performance testing, functional testing, API testing, and business strategy. Learn from industry leaders across retail, finance, communications, technology, consulting and more.
  • Forrester Research + Alaska Airlines: Why Tester's Can't Test: Forrester analyst Diego Lo Giudice and Alaska Airlines Automated Testing Engineer Ryan Papineau explore how advanced simulation for development and testing helps leading organizations meet business demands while reducing risks.
  • Evaluating Service Virtualization Tools? 43 Questions to Ask: If you're researching service virtualization tools, this list of questions will help you expose red flags related to innovation, enterprise scalability, process fit, support, productivity, total cost of ownership.
  • Service Virtualization "How to" Videos: Want a quick overview of how to record and automatically generate "virtual assets" from live application traffic  (HTTP, JMS, MQ, JDBC, etc.)? Or curious to see how you can instantly "virtualize" an API based on its service definition (Swagger, WSDL, etc.) or saved request/response pairs? Watch our recently-launched how-to-videos and let Parasoft's technical experts provide step-by-step guidance on completing common service virtualization tasks.
  • Service Virtualization Implementation Strategies: A successful start to your service virtualization initiative can make or break its success. This paper outlines several critical considerations for crafting the implementation strategy that's best suited to your organization's objectives.
  • Top 10 Service Virtualization Mistakes: Learn the top 10 reasons why service virtualization initiatives fall short of expectations-and get some tips for avoiding these common pitfalls.
  • Continuous Testing, Service Virtualization & Beer Tasting: In this "DevHops" podcast, guests from Parasoft and Skytap explore continuous testing, service virtualization, and how SDLC acceleration is impacting quality-all while sipping and reviewing beers of their choice.
  • Why Leading Companies <3 Service Virtualization: Read some great stories about why leading organizations across financial, retail, communications, utilities, travel, insurance, and other industries fell in love with service virtualization...
  • Service Virtualization & DevOps: Lessons from Comcast: Explore the latest service virtualization research and get firsthand best practices and benefits of service virtualization from Comcast's Director of Performance.
  • Managing Your Continuous Testing Environment: Discover the power of Continuous Testing. See how leveraging service virtualization, advanced API testing and test environment management can keep your sprawling environment under control, enabling continuous tests to be executed anytime, anywhere.

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