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DevOps: An El Nino for Software Testing

DevOps_Software_Testing_Impact.jpgSlams! Overwhelms! Wreaks Havoc!

That’s the sort of language used in headlines describing El Nino’s initial advance on California—and it’s just as applicable to DevOps’ impact on software testing. The constant deluge of new functionality undeniably creates a torrential disruption to traditional testing. Many teams are barely keeping their heads above water trying to ensure that each new requirement actually works before it’s deployed.

How can you ensure every “little change” doesn’t introduce side effects that ripple across the application and make the end user more frustrated than a driver on a flooded California freeway?

With DevOps adoption across the enterprise rising as rapidly as ocean temperatures in the Pacific, some time spent preparing now is key for averting disasters later.

 Join Parasoft and Skytap for the DevOps is an El Nino for Software Testing—Are You Ready? webinar on Thursday February 25 to get the latest forecast on how DevOps is already impacting software testing—as well as a set ways to stave off trouble when the peak of the storm hits. You’ll learn how to:

  • Instantly assess the storm potential of each release candidate
  • Establish floodgates to prevent unwanted “debris” from flowing through your software delivery pipeline
  • Clear testing process clogs by instantly provisioning dynamic, disposable simulated test environments

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Wayne Ariola is Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at Parasoft, a leading provider of integrated software development management, quality lifecycle management, and dev/test environment management solutions. He leverages customer input and fosters partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that Parasoft solutions continuously evolve to support the ever-changing complexities of real-world business processes and systems. Ariola has more than 15 years of strategic consulting experience within the technology and software development industries. He holds a BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an MBA from Indiana University.